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We’re only halfway through this programme and I have already benefitted enormously. I have the vocabulary to describe what’s going on in my mind (all those ‘open tabs’ ...). Sensing and becoming more aware of my emotions helps me to take control and act in a more thought out manner.”

Joké Adenuga, Productivity Consultant (Nigeria)

“The Mindful Leader Program has been masterful, eye opening, insightful, and thought provoking ... it has changed the way I look at myself, my co-workers, my family, the world!"  

Katrina Young, Epoch Work (USA)

"Mindfulness is key in successful leadership style; the way Deiric presents it and his useful exercises, are excellent. Attention energizes, and intent transforms.” Great job Deiric!!

Octavio Leon , President, Leon & Associates (USA)

"This program has been such an important part of my personal development & growth strategy. The fact that I engaged in it in the first place was serendipitous. It has become increasingly obvious it was meant to be at this moment in my life. Thank you for all your time & valuable nuggets that have been added to my toolbox."

Wendy Wattrus, Financial Manager (South Africa)

"(Mindful Leader) is one of the best 'programmes' I have ever been part of. I will rephrase the above: it isn't a 'programme', Aoife & Deiric have created something special here, which if you allow, could become a lifestyle. Now that's worth celebrating … thank you”

Roger Lomas, Chartered Manager (US)

"I am starting to feel the benefit in my deeper self. I am clear now what is it I am looking for in life and the daily Mindfulness is helping me with a sense of fulfilment and practical approach to developing Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence skills.”

Rahima Ibrahim, Resolute Ingress Learning (Malaysia)

"Deiric is such a generous, kind and precious man with a great talent both human and professional. I wish everyone could share the valuable sessions Deiric is spreading within this group and beyond. Thank you Deiric and Aoife!”

Sophie Bono, Head of Sales Europe - DOCOMO Digital (France)

I am … already using it to spread the message of mindfulness and EI, thereby creating a more productive and pleasant working environment. The NHS in the UK is wonderful organisation that can improve by using EI and mindfulness, by all its employees, but in particular by those in leadership and managerial roles. I would highly recommend this programme to colleagues and others…”

Cherian George, National Health Service (UK)

"Strong adult learning focus underpins the preparation and delivery of this Mindful Leader Program. The depth of mindful experiences and research based content is rich and relative to the current and future world of work where ‘soft skills’ are the bedrock of relationships and wellbeing. Communication throughout the problem has been timely and thorough - thoroughly enjoying the program!"

Caroline Benedet, Relational Coach (Australia)

"Every week I look forward to gaining more insight from the Mindful Leader program. It's been a straightforward and practical approach to developing Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence skills.”

Steven R. Light, Lumiere Solutions Group (US)

"I can only express my deepest gratitude and humble heartfelt appreciation. This is truly the most life-changing experience - right up there with hitchhiking through Latin America and living in a shanty in Mamelodi South Africa during a state of emergency in apartheid. Thank you for the impact you have had on me and leaving your mark on my heart and in the hearts of so many others.”

Jeri Dembrak, Human Capital Strategist (US)

"I can't begin to express my gratitude enough to Genos International for its generosity in sharing the practices and the invaluable knowledge of Deiric of mindfulness practices in a business context. I have enjoyed every information packed session. Could Deiric be any more enthusiastic and helpful?"

Michi Komori, Media Business Leader (Japan)

"Kudos for an incredible program! I am learning techniques I can use to become more productive and improve my focus. The biggest improvement for me has been using some of the mindful practices at bedtime when my mind is racing and keeping me from sleeping. The practices have helped to calm the "noise" in my mind so I can relax and go to sleep."

Joe Davenport, Founder - Workforce Designs (US)

Deiric perfectly embodies the mix of high professionalism and deep gentleness that the 'Mindful Leader Live’ journey is supposed to help us acquire.”

Raphaël Souchier, Consultant, European Union (France)

"This program is so great, there is such a generosity and compassion in the way Deiric wishes to transmit and help people make them use it in their own way. The combination of explanations and exercises is perfect to experience it fully."

Laurence Donati, Banque Neuflize OBC (France)

"The Mindful Leader is an amazing program. Deiric offers a variety of practices in the context of common leadership challenges. His presentation is lively and engaging, he helps with factual and scientific explanations and convinces also rational minds. I truly enjoyed the learning experience and would recommend this program to anybody interested in mindfulness as a management technique."

Sven Gade, Leadership Coach (US)

"The Mindful Leader & Emotional Intelligence has been motivational, empowering and insightful. I particularly liked and benefited from the practical approach to developing our Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence skills to enhance the effectiveness of our Communications, Leadership and Management style. Deiric’s a wonderful storyteller - he has excelled with this program."

Derry O’Riordan, Risk Mitigation & Independent Quality Management (Ireland)

"I am so excited to have received an award for the deepest team building spirit called the 'Golden Eye Award'. Your course has been life changing."

Wendy Wattrus, Financial Manager (South Africa)

"You guys rock!"

Konstantina Stathopoulou, Strengths-Based Coach (The Netherlands)

Deiric McCann is Head of International for Genos International, a world-leading provider of Emotional Intelligence assessments and education offerings. He is responsible for 1,200 partners worldwide. He has an impressive corporate executive background with more than 25 years’ experience working with multinational clients worldwide to help them to get the very best from every person in their organisations. Author of Leadership Charisma and several other books that emphasise the critical role of engaging people to achieve business success, his particular expertise is in helping clients and partners implement EI based solutions that deliver measurable Return on Investment – something he speaks upon regularly around the world. An accredited and experienced teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Program developed by Google, Deiric has delivered this public program worldwide to extremely positive reviews.