Mindful Leader Live is Coming to South Africa

Decades of solid research show a direct connection between mindfulness & emotional intelligence in leaders and the bottom line results they achieve.

In just 2 days, you can establish the foundations to supercharge your leadership with this powerful program that brings together the power of Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence to develop leaders who naturally engage their people for superior results.

More than 800 people worldwide signed up to take part in the global online version of the Mindful Leader program - which is now coming to South Africa in a live 2-day format for the first time.

See the rave reviews below for the online version of the program. 

Imagine how much more powerful the experience will be in the in-person two-day Mindful Leader Live event.

Mindful Leadership Directly Impacts Results

Mindful Leader - Genos International

Mindful Leader Live in South Africa

October 11-12th The Forum, The Campus, Bryanston 

Here's your journey to being a more Mindful & Emotionally Intelligent Leader:


Assess your current Emotional Intelligence 

Complete a Genos 180 Degree Emotional Intelligence assessment of your leadership and have your personalised report fed back to you by a senior executive coach in a private one-on-one session. Then identify YOUR areas for development before you start the program.  


Experience an outstanding 2-Day program in a first-class venue 

Hosted by Master Trainer, Deiric McCann, you will focus on building practical and actionable mindfulness and emotional intelligence leadership skills you can begin applying right away.  


Access your own mindful leader development plan with Genos University 

For 8 weeks after, receive membership to our online platform, Genos University and access recordings, meditations and valuable resources to help you establish a strong mindful EI practice. 

What will you learn?

Genos International Mindful Leader

Neuroscience of Emotions

Understanding the science of emotions is critical to your confidence of success. 

Discover the Neuroscience of Emotions, and the scientific research that proves why this program is so effective.

Genos International Mindful Leader

Emotional Intelligence

Learn all about 'Demonstrated Emotional Intelligence' and how it is core to your effectiveness as a leader.

Work on optimising how you 'show up' as a leader to dramatically improve your workplace presence and impact. 

Genos International Mindful Leader

Mindfulness: Gateway to EI

You’ll be equipped with our practical toolkit consisting of a set of mindfulness tools & techniques for improving the aspects of your emotional intelligence that you now know need attention. 

The resources you'll receive will support you long after the program has ended. 

Your 'Mindful Leader' 8-Week Continuity Program

Genos International Mindful leader

This program covers all of the theory you'll need to be an effective Mindful Leader but, at its heart this is a PRACTICAL program, designed for leaders and others who want to maximise their impact.

So throughout the session, we will introduce a wide range of tried & tested mindfulness practices, and will teach you how to decide which practices are right for you at this point in time. We'll also introduce you to our unique approach to designing a practice 'stack' to help you meet your particular challenges as a leader in your business.

At the end of the initial 8-week continuity program, you'll attend a final webinar designed to help you cement the benefits of the program into your life. Interacting with Deiric and other attendees live you'll have an opportunity to ask any questions you have - and after the program you'll have access to the lively Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Linkedin group, especially created to support Mindful Leader graduates.

What People Are Saying about Mindful Leader 

"Mindfulness is key in successful leadership style; the way Deiric presents it and his useful exercises, are excellent.

Attention energizes, and intent transforms.”

Great job Deiric!!

Octavio Leon , President, Leon & Associates (USA) 

" This program is so great, there is such a generosity and compassion in the way Deiric wishes to transmit and help people make them use it in their own way.

The combination of explanations and exercises is perfect to experience it fully.

Laurence Donati, Banque Neuflize OBC (France)

“I am totally loving this program! I find myself really listening more intently to everyone around me and feeling more at peace with the world. Deiric McCann has a gift in helping everyone in this program to live fuller lives”

Jeri Dembrak, Human Capital Strategist (US)

“Deiric perfectly embodies the mix of high professionalism and deep gentleness that the 'Mindful Leader Live’ journey is supposed to help us acquire.”  

Raphaël Souchier, Consultant, European Union (France)  

MIndful Leader Live - Stress

Do you work in a high pressure results-oriented environment? 

Train your brain to handle stress and become resilient in challenging times.

Why not bring your entire team?

Your Master Trainer: Deiric McCann

Deiric McCann is Head of International for Genos International, a world-leading provider of Emotional Intelligence assessments and education offerings. He is responsible for 1,200 partners worldwide. He has an impressive corporate executive background with more than 25 years’ experience working with multinational clients worldwide to help them to get the very best from every person in their organisations. Author of Leadership Charisma and several other books that emphasise the critical role of engaging people to achieve business success, his particular expertise is in helping clients and partners implement EI based solutions that deliver measurable Return on Investment – something he speaks upon regularly around the world. An accredited and experienced teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Program developed by Google, Deiric has delivered this public program worldwide to extremely positive reviews.  

Mindful Leader Live: A First-Class Venue

"We reviewed a lot of locations to find the right venue for this program. The Campus is a five-star conference and event venue, set among manicured gardens and light-filled courtyards - perfect for creating the atmosphere we desire for attendees of Mindful Leader Live."

Mark Cunningham - CEO, GrowingPeopleGreat


Being good at 'what you do' is no longer enough...

Mindful Leader Live - Resilience

...you must also be resilient enough to effectively use your mind to manage your emotions, reactions and decisions in challenging business situations – and to help the people you manage, or work with, to do the same. 

Yet many leaders report that they too feel overloaded and overworked to even get a good night’s sleep – and therefore unable to manage their own emotions effectively, never mind those of their people.

On Mindful Leader Live you'll learn the essential competencies for sustaining peak performance, creativity and motivation – even in the face of extreme stress and challenging times

Growing People Great -  Live

GrowingPeopleGreat and Assessment Select are proud to be the first to bring Mindful Leader Live to South Africa.

GrowingPeopleGreat help organisations worldwide create high-performing workforces by specialising in a comprehensive suite of employee assessments and performance management solutions.  

Assessment Select helps organisations with their human resource capital. Together with our team of experts they can help you ASSESS, SELECT and GROW staff employed by your organisation. 

Our clients gain a competitive advantage by understanding their people at the deepest levels. This includes how they think, natural tendencies, behaviours and preferences, and attitudes toward key workplace issues. This helps them select the right people, place them in the right roles, and manage them to their full potential.  

Since 1991 we have delivered assessments to over 40,000 organisations in more than 120 countries. We do this through our backgrounds in organisational psychology, human resources management, sales management, corporate training, coaching, consulting, education, and information technology.  

 Our business is high-tech, high-touch, and laser-focused to help our clients succeed - so working with Deiric and the Genos team to bring Mindful Leader Live to South Africa was a natural decision. We are excited to see the impact this powerful program will have on South African businesses.


Ready to be a more Mindful Leader? 

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